Ryan Knopp


Random Word API
I needed an API to display a random word. Couldn’t find any to meet my needs so this simple API just does that. It supports two languages English and Japanese. The backend is written in .NET Core 3.1. Updated May 2022: .NET Core 2.1 to 3.1. Added a way to retreive multiple words.
Sprite Creator (Retired)
I was trying to create some sprites for animation and thought it would be fun to create a sprite creator. Using all the fancy new HTML 5 technologies this is a pretty simple sprite creator.
Goobam (Retired)
This is a site I created to fix a need that I was looking for. I have a NAS box and needed a new drive for it. I wanted the best value per gigabyte. I didn’t care who made the drive just wanted the best value. This site pulls in from Amazon and Newegg and you can sort by price per gigabyte.
Create a file!
A satire site that I created when a colleague of mine and I was joking around about some of the silly tech support questions that we got. This site came to mind when someone asked “How do I create a txt file?.” You just enter a name of a file you want (if you don’t enter one, it will auto-generate one for you) and it will download an empty version of it.
The Knopps
Simple family website that use to do a lot more but now just basically a placeholder. It started as a site for a landing page for my browser. Then I added family photos to share with family. Now it’s a site with no direction.