Ryan Knopp


As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride
February 19, 2021
This book was fantastic. It was a great behind-the-scenes of the making of The Princess Bride . I enjoyed the anecdotes, the process, and how the scenes were made in some of the iconic scenes of the movie. I like the telling on how they accomplish the swamp scene and how much training they had to endure to get the greatest sword fight scene to look professional. André the Giant tales were some of my favorite. read more
Updated: February 18, 2021
February 12, 2021
Overall I enjoyed Community. It was slow to get into it, took maybe half the season to finally get attached to the characters. Season two and three is where it hit its strive. Season 4 was a dumpster fire, and it seems to take the whole series in a different direction. The fifth and sixth season was better however you lost a lot of the original cast. They seem like they were trying to get back to the roots of the show. read more
Updated: February 11, 2021
The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey
February 4, 2021
I got this book because I wanted to learn more about the Oregon Trail. I was surprised when I started reading it that this isn’t really what the book intended. The book is about two brothers who travel the Oregon Trail in today’s world with a mule and buggy team. The author does add the history of the Oregon Trail of the areas they were visiting at the time, which complemented it quite well. read more
Updated: February 3, 2021
January 8, 2021
This was a very entertaining and intense movie that kept you mostly on your seat for most of the movie. Tom Hanks who played Captain Krause did a fantastic job like always. I felt the movie was a little short, they compressed an intense 48hr time frame into 2 hours which to me felt like they left too much out. There wasn’t much gore or blood and limited swearing. You can get the feel of how intense this scenario could be. read more
Updated: January 4, 2021
January 5, 2021
I’m a big Pixar fan, however, I was wondering how well this movie will fair since John Lasseter left. I don’t think they missed a step here. This movie was another fantastic Pixar film. It’s kind of reminded me a little of Coco. The imaging, styling was spot on. The storyline was unique, but the ending was very satisfying. Not sure younger kids will understand the adult messaging in this movie. read more
Updated: January 4, 2021
Game Over, Man
December 12, 2020
It was a dumb movie, fun to watch, and it was pretty hilarious at times. The film doesn’t take itself seriously, which is a plus. There are some male nudity, exploding dogs, and lots of gross raunchy scenes. I feel like it kind of falls flat if you compare it to other movies like it, Hangover being one of them. If I had a choice to watch Hangover or “Game Over, Man” again, I would choose Hangover. read more
Updated: December 4, 2020
December 10, 2020
I went into this movie, not knowing what to expect. It popped up on our movie feed and looked like it was going to be a good comedy. It reminded me of the movie American Pie or even Superbad, but I felt like it couldn’t pull it off like those other two movies. This film just fell flat each time they tried to tell a joke. I was looking at other reviews of it, and critics were giving it high praise. read more
Updated: December 4, 2020
King of the Hill
December 6, 2020
I remember watching a few episodes of this series back when it was originally being aired and found it quite funny. I decided to watch all 13 seasons of it and see if I found it nearly as funny today. The series starts slowing in season one but picks up about mid to late season two. I feel like it’s prime is between season two and season six, maybe seven. You have some great episodes in those seasons. read more
Updated: December 4, 2020
The Good Place
December 3, 2020
I liked the storyline of this show. It’s a wonderful light-hearted comedy that gives you some life lessons along the way. The four-season show didn’t have any low points as it started strong and stayed that way with some twists along the way. It was a very imaginative show that went a different direction than most recent shows tend to take a no crude jokes very innocent humor. It was pleasing to watch. read more
Updated: December 3, 2020
The Billion Dollar Spy - A True Story of Cold War Espionage and Betrayal
November 18, 2020
I enjoyed this book. It follows the life of a Russian spy (Adolf Tolkachev) that defected from Russia during the Cold War and wanted to help the CIA. Over time, it turns out this particular spy was the most valuable asset the CIA had due to all the information he was handing over. This information over time changed the course of the U.S. Military. I found this book very fascinating, and what lengths Tolkachev and the CIA went to avoid KGB detection were remarkable. read more
Updated: December 3, 2020