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Kevin Can F*** Himself
Season 2: This season builds on the foundation laid in the first season, delving deeper into Allison’s story and the world around her. The show’s use of genre-shifting continues to be an excellent feature, as Allison’s reality shifts from 90’s sitcom to drama depending on her mental state. The exploration of trauma and power dynamics adds depth to the characters and themes, and the addition of new characters and plotlines keeps the show feeling fresh and exciting. read more
The Morning Show
Season 2 Season 2 continues to explore the aftermath of the sexual misconduct scandal and how it has affected the characters. The season introduces a new character, played by Julianna Margulies, who adds an interesting dynamic to the mix. The writing and performances remain strong, and the show continues to tackle relevant issues with nuance and depth. While the second season is not quite as impactful as the first, it is still a worthy continuation of the story. read more
Sprite Creator (Retired)
I was trying to create some sprites for animation and thought it would be fun to create a sprite creator. Using all the fancy new HTML 5 technologies this is a pretty simple sprite creator.
Random Word API
I needed an API to display a random word. Couldn’t find any to meet my needs so this simple API just does that. It supports two languages English and Japanese. The backend is written in .NET Core 3.1. Updated May 2022: .NET Core 2.1 to 3.1. Added a way to retreive multiple words.
Funny Pics
Added a couple of funny cat video and classic chair prank.
Added a new podcast that I finished.
Shameless is a 10-season-long TV show that I loved watching from start to finish. Each season was great in its own way, and I can’t really say that any of them were bad. Watching the Gallagher kids grow up and dealing with their unique problems was like watching a car crash in slow motion - you know it’s not good, but you just can’t look away. The consistency of the cast over the entire 10 seasons was amazing, making it feel like a real family affair. read more
Season 3: This season of Manifest was a bit better than Season 2 but not as good as Season 1. They went back to the Season 1 style of the show, but it’s still a little slow. I feel like this show could drag on forever now as they still seem to look for clues of the wreck. It’s like they close one storyline but three more pop up. I will probably watch Season 4, it’s still interests me enough to keep going. read more
The Tomorrow War
Action was awesome, the basic plot concept was interesting, it was fast paced, tense and very exciting. The effects are cool but at times seems a bit gimmicky. The plot itself had so many holes in it that you could drive a semi thru. So much of it didn’t make sense and it kind of distracted from the movie. I feel like they had a high-level idea of the plot (which was an incredible concept) but didn’t have the resources or the ideas to put it together correctly. read more
The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor
This book talks about how flavor in raw products like chickens have been breed out over time as we need to mass produce these products. So, then we create spices to fix this. It’s a very fascinating topic and found it very intriguing. I changed my buying habit a bit after reading this book. I hope society sees this and industries change but as people want cheaper foods flavor tends to go out the window. read more